One of the most popular and tax-efficient ways for anyone to save is through an Individual Savings Account, more commonly known as an ISA (or a New ISA – NISA).

The rules around ISAs changed in April 2015, making it a much more attractive prospect to use your NISA allowance for investing in stocks and shares.

Key benefits of a stocks and shares NISA

With a stocks and shares NISA:

  • You won’t pay capital gains tax on profits made from share price increases – normally you’d pay up to 28% interest on profits made above your capital gains tax allowance
  • No tax on interest earned on bonds
  • 10% tax cap on income – normally you could pay up to 37.5% interest on income earned from shares

Already have a NISA?

If you already have a NISA, it’s important to be sure it’s performing as well as it can – you can’t afford to be complacent about where your money is invested.

There are plenty of funds that regularly under-perform and so you need to ensure your money is invested in the right place, to help you meet your savings goals.

Tempted to self-invest?

Of course, anyone with a NISA can choose where to invest their money, but this is an approach that can be fraught with pitfalls. These could include:

  • If you neglect to review your investments regularly, your returns could become disappointing
  • Your investments might not be appropriate for your goals or your attitude towards risk
  • Different investments will perform differently over time – if you don’t keep track of this and change your investments appropriately, your low-risk portfolio could turn into a high-risk one.

That’s why it pays to get the experts to manage the investments in your stocks and shares ISA. A dedicated investment manager will be able to continually keep abreast of changes in the marketplace, and review or amend your portfolio appropriately.

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At Lifegrid Solutions Ltd, we can help you to make the most of your ISA, either through transferring it to a new scheme or portfolio, or investing it on your behalf.

Our expert advisers will be able to talk you through your options, set up a portfolio that meets your needs, then continually review it to ensure it continues to work as hard as possible for you.

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