Mortgages And Loans

Mortgages and loans

Lifegrid Solutions Ltd is completely independent and can provide access to whole of market advice for mortgages and loans. On all mortgages and loans we offer a free quotation service with no obligation, and full transparency about fees and charges.

We can help you to access and arrange mortgages and loans for all situations, including the following:

Homeowner mortgages

Whether you’re a first time buyer, you’re moving to a new property or you want to remortgage to a better deal, we can search the whole of the market to help you find the best mortgage deal for you.

These include all kinds of mortgages, including repayment, interest-only, fixed rate, tracker and variable rate deals.

'Specialist mortgages'

If you’re self-employed or have had credit problems in the past, it’s often much more difficult to find a mortgage, even if you can afford the repayments.

With Lifegrid Solutions Ltd, our whole of market mortgage advice service means we can help you to access ‘specialist’ mortgage products at competitive rates.

Buy to let

Investing in property is becoming a popular choice for many people who are unhappy with low interest rates on their savings or the risk of other investment vehicles.

If you wish to buy a property to rent out, you’ll find there is a wide range of buy to let mortgages available to you – we can help you to find and access the most competitive deals to help you begin or expand your property investment portfolio.

Commercial property mortgages

Commercial property mortgages can be used for a range of business purposes, from buying a new business premises through to releasing capital in your existing building.

Commercial mortgages can be complex, and so we work with specialist commercial mortgage partners who you can rely upon to help you find the best deal, because they cover the whole of the market.

Overseas property mortgages

If you’re hoping to invest in property overseas, you’ll have a range of mortgage options available to you. Some banks in the UK offer specialist overseas mortgages, or you may be able to arrange a mortgage in the country where you’re buying, in the local currency.

Remortgaging your existing home to free up capital to buy an overseas property may also be an option, depending on how much equity you have. We can help you understand the benefits and drawbacks of each option, in order to make the right decision to help you finance your place in the sun.

Unsecured and bridging loans

If you want to raise capital for any purpose – such as a holiday, home improvements or a car – you could consider taking out a loan.

For many home movers, a bridging loan can also be very important if you’re facing a delay between completing on the purchase of one property and the sale of another. Whichever you require, we can search the whole of the market to help you find the right loan for you, at the most competitive rate.

Secured loans

If you’re a homeowner who needs to access capital but have had credit problems in the past, one option you might be able to consider is a secured loan. This is where the loan is secured against your home. It’s important to think carefully before taking out a secured loan, as the lender will have the security of your home to fall back on if you have problems paying it back.

To help you find the right secured loan for you we only work with reputable brokers and loan providers, so you’re protected from the pitfalls of borrowing from the wrong kind of lender.

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